Rich Holman<span class="wpmtp-job-title">Founder / Director of Sales</span>
: Calle 10 # 42-28 | Global Express Travel & Business Center: [email protected]

In late 2007, after a number of short-term visits to Medellin, Rich decided to purchase his first apartment and resettle there permanently. Because of misperceptions in the international media at the time, Rich realized that Medellin was easily one of The Americas’ best-kept secrets. Inspired by its lifestyle, culture, and undervalued real estate market, he founded FAR International, which has since become a thriving real estate and lifestyle company comprised of Colombian real estate specialists, regional experts, and passionate, international individuals.

FAR’s overarching company goal is to be the trusted, on-the-ground resource for foreign real estate buyers, renters, and investors. FAR seeks to support folks who are retiring early, seeking a more vibrant social life, purchasing a second home, or investing in Colombian real estate.

Rich has a background in real estate and mortgage, publishing, internet, and investment banking sectors. An avid traveler, Rich has lived in Atlanta, Los Angeles, and in parts of Florida and Texas. He holds an MBA from Ohio State University and a B.S. from the University of Texas, where he studied chemical engineering.

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