• <d />Jeremy Zick <a href='https://www.farinternational.com/team/jeremy-zick/'>View profile</a></div><div>President, FAR International</div>

    Jeremy Zick

    President, FAR International
    Jeremy, originally from Denver, Colorado, studied environmental design architecture with an emphasis on green-oriented design and sustainability. He has a well-rounded and advantageous mix of professional
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  • <d />Rich Holman <a href='https://www.farinternational.com/team/rich-holman/'>View profile</a></div><div>Founder / Director of Sales</div>

    Rich Holman

    Founder / Director of Sales
    In late 2007, after a number of short-term visits to Medellin, Rich decided to purchase his first apartment and resettle there permanently. Because of misperceptions in the international media at the time
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  • <d />Joseph Greco <a href='https://www.farinternational.com/team/joseph-greco/'>View profile</a></div><div>Director of Investments</div>

    Joseph Greco

    Director of Investments
    Joe brings extensive experience in commercial real estate investments to FAR International. His background includes home and condominium renovations, ownership, developments, and property conversions.
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  • <d />Andrew Campion <a href='https://www.farinternational.com/team/andrew-campion/'>View profile</a></div><div>Director of Technology</div>

    Andrew Campion

    Director of Technology
    Andrew is an Australian entrepreneur with ten years of real estate market experience. In 2005, he founded the first luxury apartment rental business in Medellin, setting an industry standard that is still
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  • <d />Monica Quintero <a href='https://www.farinternational.com/team/monica-quintero/'>View profile</a></div><div>Operations Officer</div>

    Monica Quintero

    Operations Officer
    Born and raised in Medellin, Monica studied engineering administration with a concentration in corporate finance. She later learned English in London, which cultivated an interest in working internationally
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  • <d />Tony Andersen <a href='https://www.farinternational.com/team/tony-andersen/'>View profile</a></div><div>Director of Marketing and Public Relations</div>

    Tony Andersen

    Director of Marketing and Public Relations
    As our lead brand ambassador, storyteller, and marketing strategist, Tony brings more than a decade of experience leading high-profile communications, marketing, and public relations initiatives in both the private and public sectors.
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  • <d />Luis Sanchez <a href='https://www.farinternational.com/team/luis-sanchez/'>View profile</a></div><div>Director of Business Processes</div>

    Luis Sanchez

    Director of Business Processes
    Luis is a self-proclaimed muscle car lover, NFL fan, and lousy cook, but somehow secured a spot on FAR’s Bogota team in December of 2016. Jokes aside, Luis is an experienced chemical engineer
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  • <d />Liseth Pelaez <a href='https://www.farinternational.com/team/liseth-pelaez/'>View profile</a></div><div>Sales Adminstrative Coordinator & Real Estate Adviser</div>

    Liseth Pelaez

    Sales Adminstrative Coordinator & Real Estate Adviser
    Liseth is a business management consultant with experience in commercial, customer service, and financial service sectors. She has worked with various NGO’s in Canada and in Colombia as a sales advisor
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  • <d />Katherine Moscoso <a href='https://www.farinternational.com/team/katherin-moscoso/'>View profile</a></div><div>Manager of Customer Service</div>

    Katherine Moscoso

    Manager of Customer Service
    Katherine studied administrative management at ITM in Medellin and is currently specializing commercial and marketing administration. She spent eleven years abroad in New York but returned to Colombia to finish her studies.
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  • <d />Taylor Love <a href='https://www.farinternational.com/team/taylor-love/'>View profile</a></div><div>Financial Analyst</div>

    Taylor Love

    Financial Analyst
    Taylor is from Rye, New York. In 2016, he graduated from Bowdoin College with a degree in economics and shortly thereafter moved to Medellin in hopes of learning Spanish and segueing into the real estate industry.
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  • <d />Sandra Campo <a href='https://www.farinternational.com/team/sandra-campo/'>View profile</a></div><div>Real Estate Advisor</div>

    Sandra Campo

    Real Estate Advisor
    Sandra was born in Medellin and studied communication and corporate relations at the Universidad de Medellin. In 2000, she set off for Miami where she worked as a real estate agent and mortgage broker.
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  • <d />Hugo M Martinez <a href='https://www.farinternational.com/team/hugo-m-martinez/'>View profile</a></div><div>Real Estate Advisor</div>

    Hugo M Martinez

    Real Estate Advisor
    Born in Cali, Colombia, Hugo left for the other Cali - California - where he lived for twenty years in the San Fernando Valley. He later moved to Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
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  • <d />Luis Nieves <a href='https://www.farinternational.com/team/luis-nieves/'>View profile</a></div><div>Real Estate Advisor</div>

    Luis Nieves

    Real Estate Advisor
    Luis, a native New Yorker, has been working in the residential and commercial field for over two decades. Luis is looking forward to growing professionally with FAR International’s stellar sales team as a listing agent.
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  • <d />Henry Emans <a href='https://www.farinternational.com/team/henry-emans/'>View profile</a></div><div>Real Estate Advisor</div>

    Henry Emans

    Real Estate Advisor
    Henry Emans, is of Dutch, Caribbean and Venezuelan, descent. Born on the Island of Curacao he was raised and educated in The Netherlands. Henry has been married to a Colombian national for seven years and has three children.
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  • <d />Leo Duarte <a href='https://www.farinternational.com/team/leo-duarte/'>View profile</a></div><div>Director of Sales, United States</div>

    Leo Duarte

    Director of Sales, United States
    Leo was born in Bogota but moved to Austin, Texas with his family as a young child. There, he earned a degree in political science and marketing. Leo has been in real estate since 2003 when he began his career in the new home construction industry.
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  • <d />Sebastian Acevedo <a href='https://www.farinternational.com/team/sebastian-acevedo/'>View profile</a></div><div>Listing Agent</div>

    Sebastian Acevedo

    Listing Agent
    Sebastian was born and raised in Medellin where he learned about the world’s different cultures and languages through music. He later studied business management and multimedia design.
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  • <d />Carolina Cifuentes <a href='https://www.farinternational.com/team/carolina-cifuentes/'>View profile</a></div><div>Investments Coordinator</div>

    Carolina Cifuentes

    Investments Coordinator
    Carolina was born in the famous coffee region of Colombia. When she was still a teenager she moved to Spain, where she studied economics and international trade.
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  • <d />Nathalia Padilla <a href='https://www.farinternational.com/team/nathalia-padilla/'>View profile</a></div><div>Investments Assistant</div>

    Nathalia Padilla

    Investments Assistant
    Nathalia Padilla was born in Barrancabermeja, Santander. She has been living in Medellin during 5 years, and is currently studying Law with emphasis in Business Law at Universidad de Medellin,
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  • <d />Emmanuel Ruiz <a href='https://www.farinternational.com/team/emmanuel-ruiz/'>View profile</a></div><div>Attorney</div>

    Emmanuel Ruiz

    Emmanuel Ruiz is a lawyer with an emphasis on commercial law, he is a specialist in business law from Universidad de Medellin and studied English at the Universidad de Antioquia language center.
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  • <d />Carlos Sandoval <a href='https://www.farinternational.com/team/carlos-sandoval/'>View profile</a></div><div>Director of Design and Construction Services</div>

    Carlos Sandoval

    Director of Design and Construction Services
    His professional experience includes marketing and sales management for architectural lighting projects based on LED technology. He comes to FAR International as project coordinator for FADS.
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  • <div>Jose Restrepo <a href='https://www.farinternational.com/team/jose-restrepo/'>View profile</a></div><div>Regional Project Manager</div>

    Jose Restrepo

    Regional Project Manager
    Jose was born and raised in Medellin and studied civil engineering at the Universidad EAFIT. He later moved to Melbourne, Australia, where he gained substantial experience as an engineer.
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  • <div>Carlos Agudelo <a href='https://www.farinternational.com/team/carlos-agudelo/'>View profile</a></div><div>Lead Architect and Design Team Manager</div>

    Carlos Agudelo

    Lead Architect and Design Team Manager
    Carlos is a bilingual architect born in Pawtucket, Rhode Island but raised in Medellin. In 2009, he earned his architectural degree from the Universidad San Buenaventura in Medellin.
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  • <div>Camilo González <a href='https://www.farinternational.com/team/camilo-gonzalez/'>View profile</a></div><div>Architect</div>

    Camilo González

    Camilo was born and raised in Colombia. He is a recent graduate of Universidad Santo Tomas, where he earned a degree in architecture. He counts traveling as one of his favorite pastimes.
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  • <div>Natalia Sosa <a href='https://www.farinternational.com/team/natalia-sosa/'>View profile</a></div><div>Architect</div>

    Natalia Sosa

    Natalia, originally from Medellin, studied architecture at Universidad Santo Tomas. She joins FAR International as one of our FAD’s architects.
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  • <div>Eliana Brito <a href='https://www.farinternational.com/team/eliana-brito/'>View profile</a></div><div>Interior Design Coordinator</div>

    Eliana Brito

    Interior Design Coordinator
    Eliana graduated from the Universidad de Colegiatura where she specialized in space and staging design. She has more than five years of work experience in this sector and is committed to project development
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  • <div>Ruddy Rangel <a href='https://www.farinternational.com/team/ruddy-rangel/'>View profile</a></div><div>Budget Associate</div>

    Ruddy Rangel

    Budget Associate
    Ruddy was born in Barrancabermeja, Santander. She studied business administration at Universidad EAFIT and lived in California for four years where she also took a course at UC Berkeley, the state’s #1 public university.
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  • <div>Pablo Moreno <a href='https://www.farinternational.com/team/pablo-moreno/'>View profile</a></div><div>Senior Construction Inspector</div>

    Pablo Moreno

    Senior Construction Inspector
    Pablo studied architecture at Universidad Santo Tomás in Medellin. He brings years of construction experience to FAR International.
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  • <div>Ana María Rendón <a href='https://www.farinternational.com/team/ana-maria-rendon/'>View profile</a></div><div>Construction Inspector</div>

    Ana María Rendón

    Construction Inspector
    Ana Maria, originally from Medellin, holds a certificate in construction and is currently studying industrial engineering. She brings nine years of professional work experience to FAR International and balances her career with literature, arts, and crafts.
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  • <div>Arley Bustamante <a href='https://www.farinternational.com/team/arley-bustamante/'>View profile</a></div><div>Construction Inspector</div>

    Arley Bustamante

    Construction Inspector
    Arley, a Medellin native, is a technologist in civil construction specializing in architectural finishes. He’s also a new resident of FAR’s global express project.
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  • <div>Jose David Cadavid <a href='https://www.farinternational.com/team/jose-david-cadavid/'>View profile</a></div><div>Construction Coordinator</div>

    Jose David Cadavid

    Construction Coordinator
    Jose David comes from a family of Colombian architects and contractors. While living in the United States, he worked as a carpenter. After fourteen years of living abroad, he returned to Colombia and now works for FAR International as a construction manager.
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  • <div>Eliseo Arango <a href='https://www.farinternational.com/team/eliseo-arango/'>View profile</a></div><div>Construction Inspector</div>

    Eliseo Arango

    Construction Inspector
    Eliseo is a committed and active individual in all areas of his life - he approaches outdoor activities with the same aplomb as he does new projects at work. While living in Brazil, he served as a construction auditor on several housing projects.
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  • <div>Francisco Mendoza <a href='https://www.farinternational.com/team/francisco-mendoza/'>View profile</a></div><div>PM Operations Manager</div>

    Francisco Mendoza

    PM Operations Manager
    Francisco studied touristic administration and is currently finishing up his marketing degree at Universidad de Medellin. He brings a fresh perspective in digital marketing and sales and events logistics to FAR International
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  • <div>Eliana Guerra <a href='https://www.farinternational.com/team/eliana-guerra/'>View profile</a></div><div>PM Administrative Assistant</div>

    Eliana Guerra

    PM Administrative Assistant
    Eliana studied business administration at the Universidad de Medellin and later gained experience in the billing departments of companies such as Flamingo.
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  • <div>John Duque <a href='https://www.farinternational.com/team/john-duque/'>View profile</a></div><div>Booking Agent</div>

    John Duque

    Booking Agent
    John lived in the United States for fourteen years before returning to Colombia. In Medellin, he attended Universidad Maria Cano where he majored in international business.
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  • <div>Yudy Gil <a href='https://www.farinternational.com/team/yudy-gil/'>View profile</a></div><div>Booking Agent</div>

    Yudy Gil

    Booking Agent
    Yudy, from Medellin, studied fashion and textile design before becoming a member of the FAR team. She has a diverse background in fashion design, education, and online businesses.
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  • <div>Anyelo Molina <a href='https://www.farinternational.com/team/anyelo-molina/'>View profile</a></div><div>Guest Manager</div>

    Anyelo Molina

    Guest Manager
    Anyelo, originally from Medellin, studied graphic design at CESDE. He brings his customer service expertise in the hotel sector to FAR’s property management team.
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  • <div>Santiago Alvarez <a href='https://www.farinternational.com/team/santiago-alvarez/'>View profile</a></div><div>Quality Control Coordinator</div>

    Santiago Alvarez

    Quality Control Coordinator
    Santiago learned English on his own - impressive. He is now studying foreign languages at the Universidad de Antioquia. His outgoing nature and excellent customer service skills make him an outstanding addition
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  • <div>Cristhian Obando <a href='https://www.farinternational.com/team/cristhian-obando/'>View profile</a></div><div>Head of Maintenance</div>

    Cristhian Obando

    Head of Maintenance
    Cristhian, born and raised in Medellin, taught himself English. Prior to joining FAR International, he spent five years as a technical specialist for a company in the Monterrey electronics mall in El Poblado.
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  • <div>Sebastián Rodríguez <a href='https://www.farinternational.com/team/sebastian-rordiguez/'>View profile</a></div><div>Checkin Agent</div>

    Sebastián Rodríguez

    Checkin Agent
    Sebastián Rodríguez was born in Medellín and currently is studying Business at EAFIT University. He likes to travel, play soccer and spend time with his family.
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  • <div>María Clara Hincapié <a href='https://www.farinternational.com/team/maria-clara/'>View profile</a></div><div>Director of Human Resources</div>

    María Clara Hincapié

    Director of Human Resources
    Maria Clara is from Medellin, she studied Psychology at UPB. She has three years of experience work in headhunters. Her role has been related in selection processes, profiles descriptions and improvement plans.
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  • <div>Esteban Zapata <a href='https://www.farinternational.com/team/esteban-zapata/'>View profile</a></div><div>Director of Accounting</div>

    Esteban Zapata

    Director of Accounting
    Esteban is a public accountant and finance specialist with degrees from UdeA and EAFIT, respectively. He has four and a half years of work experience as a fiscal auditor but can also be found outside
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  • <div>Juan Felipe González <a href='https://www.farinternational.com/team/juan-felipe-gonzalez/'>View profile</a></div><div>Director of Finance</div>

    Juan Felipe González

    Director of Finance
    Juan Felipe is an administrative engineer with a degree from Universidad Nacional. He also has a master’s degree in financial administration from EAFIT.
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  • <div>Yeraldin Zuluaga <a href='https://www.farinternational.com/team/yeraldin-zuluaga/'>View profile</a></div><div>Accounting Coordinator</div>

    Yeraldin Zuluaga

    Accounting Coordinator
    Yeraldin was born and raised in Medellin and is currently in her ninth semester of accounting studies at Universidad de Medellin. She would like to become a tributary accountant.
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  • <div>Diomer Aguirre <a href='https://www.farinternational.com/team/diomer-aguirre/'>View profile</a></div><div>Accounting Assistant</div>

    Diomer Aguirre

    Accounting Assistant
    Diomer Aguirre is 27 years old and owns a diploma in Accounting. He is currently studying Public Accounting at Universidad de Medellin.
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  • <div>Maria Luisa Munera <a href='https://www.farinternational.com/team/maria-luisa-munera/'>View profile</a></div><div>Accounting Assistant</div>

    Maria Luisa Munera

    Accounting Assistant
    Maria was born and raised in Medellin and later went on to study accounting and finances. She is currently studying to become a public accountant at CEIPA. Maria is an integral part of our accounting team.
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  • <div>Leidy Castaño <a href='https://www.farinternational.com/team/leidy-castano/'>View profile</a></div><div>Accounting Assistant</div>

    Leidy Castaño

    Accounting Assistant
    Leidy Castaño is 26 years old, she is a Public Accountant and has three years of work experience as an accounting assistant and as an accountant programs advisor in Medellin.
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  • <div>Sara Carolina García <a href='https://www.farinternational.com/team/sara-carolina-garcia/'>View profile</a></div><div>Accounting Assistant</div>

    Sara Carolina García

    Accounting Assistant
    Sara works in accounting for FAR International. Family-oriented and originally from Medellin, she also holds an advanced certificate in accounting and manages other tasks associated with the company’s payroll.
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  • <div>Camilo Polo <a href='https://www.farinternational.com/team/camilo-polo/'>View profile</a></div><div>Chief Creative Officer</div>

    Camilo Polo

    Chief Creative Officer
    Camilo does far more for FAR than noted here. He is a trained graphic designer who graduated from the Universidad de Bogota, Jorge Tadeo Lozano, in 2008.
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  • <div>César Sánchez <a href='https://www.farinternational.com/team/cesar-sanchez/'>View profile</a></div><div>Graphic Designer</div>

    César Sánchez

    Graphic Designer
    César was born and raised in Medellin and has a degree in graphic design from SENA. One of FAR International’s newest graphic designers, please help us welcome him to the team.
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  • <div>Tatiana Florez <a href='https://www.farinternational.com/team/tatiana-florez/'>View profile</a></div><div>Receptionist</div>

    Tatiana Florez

    Tatiana was born in Bucaramanga and has been living in Medellin since 2010. She comes to FAR International with almost a decade of experience as an administrative assistant.
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