Trendy El Pobaldo Apartment w/ Accesible Location and Amenities

COP 430.000.000
For Sale

High Value Affiliate Listings

Because there is no MLS in Medellin FAR is constantly searching for the highest value possible listings in the best neighborhoods in the city. We have approximately 350 sales listings and have thus created our own ¨mini -MLS¨ with direct access to property owners on a non-exclusive bases.

But from time to time we see below market listings with other agencies that are not in our inventory but which we believe are great values and priced below the prevailing real estate market. As such we negotiate our standard 3% sales commission with the listing agent who will also receive his or her 1.5% commission so the total is 4.5%, not the standard 3%. Remember, commission is seller paid.

Even though this extra 1.5% may be reflected in the final sales price, we are of the firm opinion that the final sales price will still be below the real estate market and represents a great value for our investors.

Property Description

  • Modern Unit
  • Across the Street from Supermarket
  • Full Amenities

We’re pretty excited about this two bedroom, two bathroom El Poblado apartment because it’s 893 square feet of style. And when we write “style”, it’s more than just modern design and fancy appliances. We’re talking seriously trendy, straight out of the magazine type of style. Big bedroom windows and aestically jaw-dropping bathrooms are a promise. A balcony and granite counter top are there as well.

Lastly, you’d receive access to a pool, gym, and two parking spaces. Plus, a supermarket is right across the street.

Property Location

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