• Everything you need to know about the new Colombian visa process Learn about updated visa requirements for visitors, residents, students, and more. El riesgo es que te quieras quedar. This was the bold promise made to potential visitors at the end of a series of advertisements from the Colombian tourism board in 2008: “the only risk is that you will want to stay”. Turns out, their prediction ... Read more
  • Life Afar community living
    a great local futbol experience!
    Lifeafar Community - FAR InternationalWe believe there’s much to be gained from real-life adventures; and in living a life abroad every experience outside of work becomes educational and enriching. Our team at Life Afar works long hours. But we love what we do, especially the process of getting to know the the amazing digital nomads, remote workers, back-backers, travelers, and ... Read more
  • Ten Sweet Halloween Deals
    to Get you to visit Colombia this Fall
    Cartagena Apartments - FAR InternationalFrom Bogota to Cartagena, the #LifeAfar family knows what you’re craving We know Halloween can sometimes be no fun for grown folk – too old to be the only ninja at work and too proud to ask for candy from neighbors. We’ve been there… So for those of you who still crave something sweet on Halloween we’ve ... Read more
  • Colombia’s Future: Inspiring Experiences from E2E E2E Inspiring Experiences - FAR InternationalWatch the inspiring story of how the E2E Foundation is rebuilding Colombia. Just a couple of weeks ago we hosted Teryn Wolfe, from the E2E Foundation, at our Global Express HQ in Medellin. It was the perfect night for creating an atmosphere of networking and to open up a space where expats, travelers and the local community ... Read more
  • WHY YOU NEED TO SERIOUSLY CONSIDER CARTAGENA Colombia’s Booming Caribbean Market The world is hooked on Cartagena, Colombia’s Caribbean jewel. It sits atop go-to travel lists every year and brings people from across the globe together for one of the best times in South America.   As one of the oldest cities in Latin America––known for its Old Walled City recognized as a UNESCO World ... Read more


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