• Real estate recovery in the Caribbean Real estate recovery in the CaribbeanSt Barts and Mustique saw positive annual price growth in recent years. After a downturn following the 2008 recession, real estate markets in the Caribbean are once again showing signs of growth. The uptick is due largely to an expansion of tourism and increased interest among U.S. and European buyers. After 10 years of consistent growth ... Read more
  • Caribbean tourism recovering post-hurricanes Caribbean tourism recovering post-hurricanesDamage and debris from Hurricane Maria remains on a beach in Yabucoa, Puerto Rico, on Feb. 1, 2018. (Washington Blade photo by Michael K. Lavers) San Juan, Puerto Rico is back open for business. Despite the devastation wrought by the 2017 hurricane season, the popular ocean-side restaurants, bars, and clubs of San Juan are throwing their doors ... Read more
  • A bird lover’s paradise outside Cartagena A bird lover's paradise outside CartagenaA view of the mangroves from a dugout canoe in Boquilla, Colombia. ILLUSTRATION: DAISY PRINCE Cartagena, Colombia, UNESCO World Heritage Site, is rapidly becoming a staple of Caribbean travel. Snow-white buildings overlook iconic beaches, and views of crystal clear waters abound. The sun, surf, and sand are undoubtedly captivating, but those willing to venture off the ... Read more
  • Colombian coffee region invests $6.9 million to boost tourism Colombian coffee region invests $6.9 million to boost tourismColombia is doubling down on coffee tourism. In Risaralda, one of Colombia’s prime coffee growing regions, the government is dedicating USD $6.9 Million towards the beautification of houses, parks, and town squares. Featuring some of the highest biodiversity in the world, Risaralda draws eco-tourists from around the world every year. To encourage the growth of ... Read more
  • Could these discoveries revive Colombia’s oil industry? Could these discoveries revive Colombia's oil industry?In 2014, world oil prices crashed, plunging economies with high production costs, such as Venezuela and Brazil, into turmoil. Colombia felt the pressure as well, and the value of the Colombian peso plummeted. However, since then rising oil prices and increased efficiency have left room for optimism. Oil prices are expected to continue to rise, ... Read more


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