• Could these discoveries revive Colombia’s oil industry? Could these discoveries revive Colombia's oil industry?In 2014, world oil prices crashed, plunging economies with high production costs, such as Venezuela and Brazil, into turmoil. Colombia felt the pressure as well, and the value of the Colombian peso plummeted. However, since then rising oil prices and increased efficiency have left room for optimism. Oil prices are expected to continue to rise, ... Read more
  • $200 million in supplies heading to Puerto Rico to fix power grid $200 million in supplies heading to Puerto Rico to fix power gridPuerto Rico Electric and Power Authority workers guide an utility pole raised with a crane to repair a downed power transmission line in Ponce, last November. $200 million worth of materials is set to arrive in Puerto Rico to help the Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) meet its goal of 95% power restoration by the end ... Read more
  • Don’t panic: Colombia’s elections won’t result in large economic changes Don't panic: Colombia's elections won't result in large economic changesFear not, investors! The upcoming Colombian congressional and presidential elections are unlikely to significantly affect your portfolios. While some are concerned about leading presidential candidate Gustavo Petro’s proposed leftist policies, more careful analysis shows a Petro victory to be unlikely. What’s the cause for concern? Petro is a controversial candidate with a penchant for issuing ... Read more
  • From murder capital to reitiree haven, how Medellin has outgrown Narcos From murder capital to reitiree haven, how Medellin has outgrown Narcos Medellin is Colombia’s second-largest city with a population of 2.5 million. Once the world’s murder capital, it’s now a hotspot for U.S. retirees Jim Wyss Miami Herald Hidden behind an outdated reputation as the world’s murder capital, Medellin is still Latin America’s best kept secret, but savvy travelers are catching on. The city’s gorgeous, year-round spring ... Read more
  • In Colombia’s Cartagena, a trendy tourist destination emerges In Colombia's Cartagena, a trendy tourist destination emergesThis luxury hotel celebrates Colombia’s modern artists. CHRIS KEWISH/HANDOUT Cartagena’s colonial walled-city, a UNESCO world heritage site, is rapidly becoming one of the most desirable Caribbean destinations. The historic Old City is attracting a new breed of traveler, one seeking exciting cuisine and urban cultural experiences. Restaurants such as La Vitriola, Carmen, and Cande offer the finest ... Read more


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