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Thursday Networking Nights for Medellin Expats and Travelers

In the midst of the commercial and cosmopolitan hub of Colombia, the rumba will never be far away. But the headquarters of a company (in Medellin) dedicated to investing in real estate might not be your expected location for a laid back yet upbeat evening of drinks and canapés that is open to all in Read more


Cali attracts tourists once again: More than 80.000 in first quarter 2016

Cali was, during the first quarter of this year, one of the 5 most visited cities in Colombia by foreign tourists and everything suggests that this dynamic will continue for the remainder of 2016.

Which Colombian visa?

Which Colombian Visa is Best for Me?

Colombia offers many different visas, which enable you to stay in the country for a year or more. Colombian visas come in two different types – temporary (TP) and resident (RE) visas.


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