Sebastian Sandoval<span class="wpmtp-job-title">Designer</span>

Sebastián is a 23 year old Colombian Industrial Designer who has knowledge in much of the branches and categories of design, allowing him versatility in his work. He found himself in the comfort zone when dedicated mostly in Integral Design, however this pushed his curiosity urging him to continue learning and to be open to the changes presented by the trends and innovation.

He makes use of sketching and 3d modeling to communicate his ideas, he is a big fan of analysis and research when it comes to designing.

His 4 years as a Freelance Designer allowed him to acquire knowledge but also to acquire clients and suppliers with whom he formalized part of his production process when developing projects of various scales, an experience that until now has been beneficial for different situations within the company as a junior producer.

Always grateful for the teachings and opinions of others, he looks with his dedication to be able to be better personally and professionally every day.

Sebastian Sandoval is our Designer and you can reach him at [email protected]

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