• <d />Samuel Miller <a href='http://www.farinternational.com/team/samuel-miller/'>View profile</a></div><div>Managing Partner</div>

    Samuel Miller

    Managing Partner
    An Australian born into a US & Canadian family with a sense of adventure. In 2009, a motorcycle journey took him across the Americas from Canada to Argentina. It was Colombia, in particular Bogota which caught his eye. He was a co-founder of Colombia International Real Estate which later merged with FAR International in 2015. He now creates content about living & investing in Colombia and directs the Bogotá branch of Apartment International.
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  • <d />Sebastián Romero <a href='http://www.farinternational.com/team/sebastian-romero/'>View profile</a></div><div>Branch Manager</div>

    Sebastián Romero

    Branch Manager
    Sebastian is from Bogota, he has been in real estate for the last 7 years. He started his own real estate company which was integrated into FAR International and he was in charge of opening our new office in Bogota. He has a bachelor's degree in Business Administration from Javeriana University in Bogota. He also studied in England (Hastings & Oxford) where he lived for a year, that is where he learned english.
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  • <d />Lina Fajardo <a href='http://www.farinternational.com/team/lina-fajardo/'>View profile</a></div><div>Operations Coordinator</div>

    Lina Fajardo

    Operations Coordinator
    Lina is from Villavicencio, she is 21 years old and currently studies Social Communication. Her focus is on the organizational area of companies. In the beginning she was more involved in History Studies
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  • <d />Ingrid Paramo <a href='http://www.farinternational.com/team/ingrid-paramo/'>View profile</a></div><div>Accounting Director</div>

    Ingrid Paramo

    Accounting Director
    Ingrid Paramo is from Bogotá, she holds a Finance and Tax Accounting certificate. She has completed the last semesters of public accounting and has 5 years of experience in the accounting department with the skills and abilities to develop administrative and financial functions. She is an honest, responsible, organized person, committed to work and constantly seeking personal and professional improvement.
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  • <d />Catalina Rodriguez <a href='http://www.farinternational.com/team/catalina-rodriguez/'>View profile</a></div><div>Accounting Assistant</div>

    Catalina Rodriguez

    Accounting Assistant
    Catalina Rodríguez is from Bogotá and is currently studying 8th Semester of Public Accounting at Politecnico Gran Colombiano and holds a degree in Accounting and Finances at SENA.
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  • <d />Fausto Da Silva <a href='http://www.farinternational.com/team/fausto-da-silva/'>View profile</a></div><div>AIB Director</div>

    Fausto Da Silva

    AIB Director
    Fausto Silva was born and raised in Portugal. He's a world-traveler and has lived in several countries before arriving to Colombia. He graduated in Tourism Management and has worked in several tourism and event management companies for the last 6 years. He got married with a Colombian and decided to come to Bogota in 2014
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  • <d />Luisa Fernanda Silva <a href='http://www.farinternational.com/team/luisa-fernanda-silva/'>View profile</a></div><div>Booking Agent</div>

    Luisa Fernanda Silva

    Booking Agent
    Luisa is from Bogota and she is currently studying Statistics at Universidad Santo Tomás. She considers herself a quiet, analytical and a logic person. She has more than five years of work experience in the hotel and customer service industry.
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  • <d />Freddy Paez <a href='http://www.farinternational.com/team/freddy-paez/'>View profile</a></div><div>Lead Host</div>

    Freddy Paez

    Lead Host
    Freddy is a technician in sound engineering and lived for more than 10 years in the US. Since his arrival to Colombia he found his vocation in Service to the guests, he owns more than 8 experience
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  • <d />Jorge Castro <a href='http://www.farinternational.com/team/jorge-castro/'>View profile</a></div><div>Purchasing Manager</div>

    Jorge Castro

    Purchasing Manager
    Jorge Castro is from Bogota D.C and has an incomparable entrepreneurial spirit, business skills and constant improvement. He has led his own businesses where has had to deal with strong falls
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  • <d />Angela Acosta <a href='http://www.farinternational.com/team/angela-acosta/'>View profile</a></div><div>HHRR Assistant and Investments Transaction Coordinator</div>

    Angela Acosta

    HHRR Assistant and Investments Transaction Coordinator
    She is from bogota and is 24 years old. She is currently studying to get her associates degree on Integral Management in Pension Funds and Layoffs at SENA.
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  • <d />Esteban Suarez <a href='http://www.farinternational.com/team/esteban-suarez/'>View profile</a></div><div>Lead Host</div>

    Esteban Suarez

    Lead Host
    Esteban was born In Bogota and raised in Spain, he’s a world traveler and have lived in several countries. He studied Aviation also he have a degree in system network, lived for 3 years in the US before returning to Colombia.
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  • <d />Alex Tamayo <a href='http://www.farinternational.com/team/alex-tamayo/'>View profile</a></div><div>Construction Leader</div>

    Alex Tamayo

    Construction Leader
    Alex is from Bogotá, he graduated as an Urban Design Architect from Universidad América. He mostly has professional experience in the field of design and home construction...
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  • <d />Carolina Rubio <a href='http://www.farinternational.com/team/carolina-rubio/'>View profile</a></div><div>Desing and Architect Team Leader</div>

    Carolina Rubio

    Desing and Architect Team Leader
    She is a designer and the creative director for the team in bogota, due to her studies in Visual and Plastic Arts she is able to create a connection between images and spaces in her creative...
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  • <d />Nicolás Niño Santos <a href='http://www.farinternational.com/team/nicolas-nino-santos/'>View profile</a></div><div>Architect</div>

    Nicolás Niño Santos

    Nicholas is 24 and is from Bogota. He has been working for three years in the furniture design area. He graduated from Universidad La Gran Colombia where he studied Architecture.
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  • <d />Martin Torres <a href='http://www.farinternational.com/team/martin-torres/'>View profile</a></div><div>Junior Producer</div>

    Martin Torres

    Junior Producer
    Martin is currently studying Industrial Design. He is fascinated by challenges and really enjoys learning continuously. He is currently in charge of the Furniture Purchases for the FAR Workshops.
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  • <d />Sebastian Sandoval <a href='http://www.farinternational.com/team/sebastian-sandoval/'>View profile</a></div><div>Designer</div>

    Sebastian Sandoval

    Sebastián is a 23 year old Colombian Industrial Designer who has knowledge in much of the branches and categories of design, allowing him versatility in his work. He found himself in the comfort zone when dedicated mostly in Integral Design, however this pushed his curiosity urging him to continue learning and to be open to the changes presented by the trends and innovation.
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  • <d />Miguel Ángel Diaz Zerrate <a href='http://www.farinternational.com/team/miguel-angel-diaz-zerrate/'>View profile</a></div><div>FADS Director</div>

    Miguel Ángel Diaz Zerrate

    FADS Director
    Miguel Diaz is an Industrial Designer with more than 15 years of experience in the development of handcrafted products, all the knowledge he has been self taught.
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  • <d />Camilo Salamanca <a href='http://www.farinternational.com/team/camilo-salamanca/'>View profile</a></div><div>Junior Producer</div>

    Camilo Salamanca

    Junior Producer
    Camilo has more than 4 years of working experience doing inventory control and as a junior designer, he also has knowledge with weaving processes, 3d modeling, sculpture, and wood carving.
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  • <d />Luis Sanchez <a href='http://www.farinternational.com/team/luis-sanchez/'>View profile</a></div><div>Operative Coordinator</div>

    Luis Sanchez

    Operative Coordinator
    Luis Sanchez is an experienced leader, chemichal engineer on charge of productive teams for the last 10 years. Focused on objectives and comfortable under preassure, he is the linking cog in the well oiled FAR machine, helping all departments coordinate their extraordinary efforts to achieve excelence under ambitious time frames.
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  • <d />Pilar Zabala <a href='http://www.farinternational.com/team/pilar-zabala/'>View profile</a></div><div>Housekeeper</div>

    Pilar Zabala

    Pilar is from Bogota, she is 41 years old and she is part of the cleaning area. She is a very comprehensive person who also likes to help those in need. She likes to be surrounded by people from whom she can learn new things. She enjoys listening to music, lives with her husband and her youngest son and makes the most of her free time with her family.
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  • <div>Esmeralda Tapiero <a href='http://www.farinternational.com/team/esmeralda-tapiero/'>View profile</a></div><div>Housekeeper</div>

    Esmeralda Tapiero

    Esmeralda was born in Cartago, a small town located in the Valle del Cauca department in Colombia. She is 30 years old and is very passionate about her family and her home.
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