• <d />Samuel Miller <a href='https://www.farinternational.com/team/samuel-miller/'>View profile</a></div><div>Vlogger and Managing Partner</div>

    Samuel Miller

    Vlogger and Managing Partner
    In 2009, Sam embarked on a motorcycle journey from Canada to Argentina. It was Colombia, however, that caught his eye. Sam settled in Bogota, where he co-founded Colombia International Real Estate.
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  • <d />Sebastián Romero <a href='https://www.farinternational.com/team/sebastian-romero/'>View profile</a></div><div>Branch Manager</div>

    Sebastián Romero

    Branch Manager
    A Bogota native, Sebastian came to FAR International by way of his own real estate company. After merging with FAR, Sebastián helped open the Bogota office. While he’d probably rather be traveling
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  • <d />Lina Fajardo <a href='https://www.farinternational.com/team/lina-fajardo/'>View profile</a></div><div>Treasury | Payments Coordinator</div>

    Lina Fajardo

    Treasury | Payments Coordinator
    Lina is FAR International’s operations coordinator in Bogota. A fan of history books, narrative films, and documentaries, she’s passionate about facilitating seamless operations and administrative practices
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  • <d />Ingrid Paramo <a href='https://www.farinternational.com/team/ingrid-paramo/'>View profile</a></div><div>Accounting Coordinator</div>

    Ingrid Paramo

    Accounting Coordinator
    Ingrid, originally from Bogota, is FAR International’s accounting director. She brings five years of accounting, administrative, and finance experience to the Bogota office.
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  • <d />Fausto Da Silva <a href='https://www.farinternational.com/team/fausto-da-silva/'>View profile</a></div><div>PM Sales | Revenue Manager</div>

    Fausto Da Silva

    PM Sales | Revenue Manager
    Fausto Silva was born and raised in Portugal. He's a world-traveler and has lived in several countries before arriving to Colombia. He graduated in Tourism Management and has worked in several tourism and event management companies for the last 6 years. He got married with a Colombian and decided to come to Bogota in 2014
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  • <d />Jorge Mesa <a href='https://www.farinternational.com/team/jorge-mesa/'>View profile</a></div><div>Deal Finder</div>

    Jorge Mesa

    Deal Finder
    Jorge Mesa has more than 6 years of work experience in the construction and investment area. Within the company he is the person in charge of finding new investment projects for the company.
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  • <d />Luisa Fernanda Silva <a href='https://www.farinternational.com/team/luisa-fernanda-silva/'>View profile</a></div><div>Booking Agent</div>

    Luisa Fernanda Silva

    Booking Agent
    Luisa, originally from Bogota, is a FAR booking agent for Apartment International. While she studies statistics at the Universidad de Santo Tomás, she maintains a passion for good food, mascotas,
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  • <d />Freddy Paez <a href='https://www.farinternational.com/team/freddy-paez/'>View profile</a></div><div>Guest Relations Coordinator</div>

    Freddy Paez

    Guest Relations Coordinator
    Freddy is a trained technician and sound engineer who lived in the United States for more than a decade before returning to Colombia to dedicate himself to guest services at FAR International.
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  • <d />Jorge Castro <a href='https://www.farinternational.com/team/jorge-castro/'>View profile</a></div><div>Purchasing Manager</div>

    Jorge Castro

    Purchasing Manager
    FAR’s Purchasing Manager, Jorge, is known for his entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to business development. He’s led a number of successful business projects while becoming savvy to the industry’s
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  • <d />Angela Acosta <a href='https://www.farinternational.com/team/angela-acosta/'>View profile</a></div><div>Human Resources Coordinator</div>

    Angela Acosta

    Human Resources Coordinator
    Angela brings excellence and professionalism to every aspect of her life. While studying integral management practices, she’s grown into her role as director of human resources in FAR’s Bogota office.
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  • <d />Alex Tamayo <a href='https://www.farinternational.com/team/alex-tamayo/'>View profile</a></div><div>Construction Leader</div>

    Alex Tamayo

    Construction Leader
    Alex graduated from Universidad América with a degree in urban design architecture. He’s gained professional experience in the fields of design and home construction while applying modern architectural concepts
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  • <d />Carolina Rubio <a href='https://www.farinternational.com/team/carolina-rubio/'>View profile</a></div><div>Designer</div>

    Carolina Rubio

    Carolina, a designer with a background in fine and visual arts, is FAR Bogota’s creative director. One of her main objectives at FAR is to transform the concept of “living” into a visually
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  • <d />Nicolás Niño Santos <a href='https://www.farinternational.com/team/nicolas-nino-santos/'>View profile</a></div><div>Architect</div>

    Nicolás Niño Santos

    Nicolás has been designing furniture for the past three years. He is a recent graduate of Universidad La Gran Colombia where he majored in architecture. Nicolas’ passion is to become an architect
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  • <d />Miguel Ángel Diaz Zerrate <a href='https://www.farinternational.com/team/miguel-angel-diaz-zerrate/'>View profile</a></div><div>Construction & Design Inspector</div>

    Miguel Ángel Diaz Zerrate

    Construction & Design Inspector
    Miguel is an industrial designer with more than fifteen years of experience in hand-crafted, product development. Talented and self-taught, Miguel has several more years of experience on-set as a scenographer
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  • <d />Sebastian Sandoval <a href='https://www.farinternational.com/team/sebastian-sandoval/'>View profile</a></div><div>Workshop Supervisor</div>

    Sebastian Sandoval

    Workshop Supervisor
    Sebastian is a versatile industrial designer whose curiosity about the broader design industry brought him out of his comfort zone. Motivated to keep pushing, he kept abreast of the field’s innovations
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  • <d />Martin Torres <a href='https://www.farinternational.com/team/martin-torres/'>View profile</a></div><div>Workshop Producer</div>

    Martin Torres

    Workshop Producer
    When not running along trails or cycling on mountain roads, Martin can be found facilitating workshops and handling furniture purchases for FAR. He is currently studying industrial design, in part because
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  • <d />Camilo Salamanca <a href='https://www.farinternational.com/team/camilo-salamanca/'>View profile</a></div><div>Workshop Producer</div>

    Camilo Salamanca

    Workshop Producer
    Camilo has more than four years of experience as a junior designer and inventory controller. Always on the go, mentally and physically, Camilo is fascinated with woven arts and their processes,
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  • <d />Pilar Zabala <a href='https://www.farinternational.com/team/pilar-zabala/'>View profile</a></div><div>Cleaning Staff</div>

    Pilar Zabala

    Cleaning Staff
    Pilar, originally from Bogota, is part of FAR’s housekeeping team. Dedicated and collaborative, Pilar thrives on working with and learning from other, sharp team members. She’s also a music lover and knows
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  • <d />Esmeralda Tapiero <a href='https://www.farinternational.com/team/esmeralda-tapiero/'>View profile</a></div><div>Cleaning Staff</div>

    Esmeralda Tapiero

    Cleaning Staff
    Esmeralda was born in Cartago, a small town located in the Valle del Cauca region of Colombia. A passionate and dedicated member of FAR’s Bogota team, she’s been on board and thriving since late 2016.
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