• WHY YOU NEED TO SERIOUSLY CONSIDER CARTAGENA Colombia’s Booming Caribbean Market The world is hooked on Cartagena, Colombia’s Caribbean jewel. It sits atop go-to travel lists every year and brings people from across the globe together for one of the best times in South America.   As one of the oldest cities in Latin America––known for its Old Walled City recognized as a UNESCO World ... Read more
  • 2017 UPDATE – EL POBLADO – THE MOST POPULAR NEIGHBORHOOD FOR FOREIGNERS El PobladoMost of the foreigners owning property in Medellín call the upscale neighborhood of El Poblado as home. The majority of the hotels, rental apartments and hostels in Medellín are also located there. So, this is where most expat visitors to the city stay and is also why it remains a popular area for investing in rental ... Read more
  • WHICH IS THE BEST COLOMBIAN VISA FOR ME? Best Colombian VisaColombia offers many different visas, which enable you to stay in the country for a year or more. In addition, Colombian visas come in two different types – temporary (TP) and resident (RE) visas.  So, the best Colombian visa depends on your individual circumstances.  This is an update in 2017 of a popular article on ... Read more
  • 2017 UPDATE: OBTAINING A COLOMBIAN RETIREMENT VISA Colombian Retirement VisaThe Colombian Retirement Visa is intended for retired persons receiving retirement income. And it is easy to get with few requirements. The visa also known as the Pension Visa (or TP-7 visa) is also relatively inexpensive – costing just $263 including the processing fee. Most noteworthy, Medellín is gaining a reputation as a top foreign retirement ... Read more
  • 2017 UPDATE: OBTAINING A COLOMBIAN INVESTMENT VISA The Colombian Investment Visa is intended for a foreigner who invests in property or a business in Colombia. The visa is relatively easy to get with few documentation requirements.   Colombian Investment Visa Requirements There are two types of Colombian Investment visas.  The first is the TP-7, which is a temporary (TP) visa.  The second is the Resident ... Read more


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